Wisanka on Virtual Event TEI 2020

Wisanka on Virtual Event TEI 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Trade Expo Indonesia with the theme Sustainable Trade in the Digital Age. TEI 2020 will be very different from previous years. The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic have made human mobilization very limited. Face-to-face meetings between sellers and buyers are minimal. This has forced the TEI 2020 (Trade Expo Indonesia) committee this year to transform from an offline exhibition event into a virtual event.

The event, which will feature superior products from Indonesia, will be held on November 10-16 2020 and can be accessed through the official website of the Trade Expo Indonesia at www.tradexpoindonesia.com.

The following is a map of the virtual location of the TEI 2020 event:


Layout Maps TEI 2020

Of the many best commodities from Indonesia, Furniture is one of the leading ones. Wooden and rattan furniture is still a favorite in recent years. Wisanka as one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Indonesia will participate in this event. Find the latest and best collections from Wisanka Indonesia at this TEI 2020 event. Also get the best price for your business continuity or your furniture needs in large quantities.

Wisanka On TEI 2020 Virtual Event (Trade Expo Indonesia 2020))
Apart from participating in the TEI 2020 event, Wisanka Indonesia also has a new feature, namely the ” Virtual Reality Furniture Showroom Tour “. This feature can be accessed easily on the official website www.wisanka.com

Wisanka Virtual Reality Showroom Banner

==>>  Wisanka Virtual Reality Showroom Tour <<==

We are happy to invite you to visit our showroom in a virtual reality platform. We are honored to present this immersive and dynamic digital experience to the world by launching our latest range of designs and materials. Everyone is invited to experience a fully personalized guide through our live virtual showroom with just a swipe and click of a finger. Our sales team will be happy to assist you and discuss via email, chat rooms and scheduled video calls to complete your virtual business trip with us.


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