Characteristics of Shabby Chic Interior Furniture Designs

Characteristics of Shabby Chic Interior Furniture Designs

Shabby chic design is a design style that describes an atmosphere that has a soft and feminine look. Shabby chic means shabby but elegant, the use of shabby old furniture makes this design style look unique and antique. Combined with the use of soft colors, strengthen the feminine character of a room that uses this design. Therefore, fans of this design style are mostly girls.

Now the shabby chic home design style has begun to be popular in Indonesia. With the development of civilization in Indonesia, people now have the style of arranging their homes so that the atmosphere of the house feels comfortable. so they can pamper themselves while at home. let’s get to know this one design style, find out the concept and character of shabby chic interior design so that you get to know more about its characteristics.

Shabby Chic Interior Furniture Designs From Wisanka Indoensia

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Shabby Chic Design Concept Furniture

What is shabby chic design is a style that presents an atmosphere that feels soft and feels feminine. The shabby chic design is also another look of vintage style. So don’t be surprised if the fans of this design style are mostly women. This shabby chic style is a quirky, romantic way of decorating. The shabby chic interior design uses a selection of furniture that looks old and looks feminine interior accents.

The beginnings of this shabby chic interior design are developing in England and reviving the type of decoration that is often found in homes in rural areas that look worn, but with the recycling trend of this furniture. Recycled furniture consists of old sofas, shabby curtains, old paint and so on.

This recycling is a shabby chic concept that is the result of a shabby chic design. The recycling product itself is an element that is considered important that makes shabby chic an elegant work of art as a whole.

Now the shabby chic interior design style has developed by collaborating various inspirations from various forms of decoration that emphasize simplicity and innocence in design. And for you to know, the term shabby chic was first coined by The World of Interiors magazine in 1980 and became very popular in the United States in the 90s.

Shabby Chic Design Characteristics and Features

1. Using Soft Colors To Impress Feminine

The shabby chic design style is a style that is synonymous with femininity and grace, so the use of suitable colors to create this atmosphere is soft colors. Therefore, choose furniture and appliances that are soft and feminine in color.

In the style applied, shabby chic colors that are widely used are white, pink, light green, and light blue. If you have a taste for soft colors apart from that, please try to improvise your room, don’t stick to the colors that are usually used in general.

Characteristics Of Shabby Chic Interior Furniture Designs Wisanka Indoensia

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2. Combined with Antique, Unique, Unusual Furniture

The furniture used in a shabby chic style room is furniture that looks shabby and worn that looks like it has been eating time. By looking outdated, it makes it have its own beauty accompanied by the beauty attached to used goods, with a unique and antic impression. If this shabby chic furniture is laid out in a room with a good and right concept, then it will show beauty that has artistic value in it. Shabby Chic Interior Furniture Designs

Some typical shabby chic interior furniture, namely furniture that uses old wooden chairs, doors or windows that look shabby, and the use of old wooden frames to make it an accessory in your room in the concept of a shabby chic house. Use antique accessories to decorate this design style.

3. Adding Plant Decoration Decorations to Beautify

Plant decorations that can describe the feminine side of flowers, you can also apply it to this shabby chic style. For its plants, roses are the most commonly used. However, that does not mean other plants are not suitable for use. Choose plants with flowers that have soft colors that are characteristic of this design style.

For decoration on the balcony, you can add outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs that look vintage and look outdated, of course.

4. Fabric Decoration, or Sofa with Fabric Motif Made From Cotton

The fabrics used in this type of style are usually cotton and linen. The most widely used is linen. This fabric material can be in the form of tablecloths, curtains, pillowcases, sofas, and so on.

Use soft colors that have a single theme concept such as windows and sofas or tablecloths that have the same color and pattern. Adjust the theme whether to use a motif or plain. If you want to use a pattern, try a fabric with a small floral pattern.

If you want to have a shabby chic feel that looks natural and shades of green, you can apply shabby green. With furniture dominated by light green. The use of green gives a cool impression and feels natural. Besides that, the use of green is also suitable for application in a shabby chic family room because green can also make the atmosphere at home feel warm but cheerful.

Characteristics Of Shabby Chic Interior Furniture Designs From Wisanka Indoensia

5. There are Antique, Unique, Attractive and Vintage Accessories

Accessories that are suitable for the shabby chic design style are unique, vintage-looking, worn-out looks, such as wall hangings, use antiques such as photo vases, mirrors with vintage or old carvings and so on that can look classic and ancient. decorative jars or ancient plates are also suitable for displaying on the walls of the room to strengthen the character of the design style in the room.

Vintage home accessories can be applied to shabby chic home designs. The accessories used are used cellphones, used suitcases that look shabby but charming.

6. Very Influential Antique Touch

The furniture in the shabby chic design type room has its own character, namely the furniture that looks shabby and as if it has been eaten by time. You don’t always have to use old furniture, to make it look shabby and worn, we can make it yourself using sandpaper on the desired part of the furniture.

or even second-hand. Wardrobes with drawers to table chairs are painted over and over again and are made to look dull like old-fashioned. For items made of cloth, usually linen and cotton with floral motifs are chosen. The blinds on the windows are usually made thin with a pale white or even yellow. Finally, you can place a large enough mirror in a room with this shabby chic design. Shabby Chic Interior Furniture Designs

Shabby chic is a casual design to apply in your home. You’re free to mix in any vintage elements you love. With a maximum artistic look, this shabby chic design won’t cost you a fortune.

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