wisanka indonesia furniture, java furniture, java furniture manufacturer, indonesia furniture manufacturer
wisanka indonesia furniture, java furniture, java furniture manufacturer, indonesia furniture manufacturer
wisanka indonesia furniture, java furniture, java furniture manufacturer, indonesia furniture manufacturer
wisanka indonesia furniture, java furniture, java furniture manufacturer, indonesia furniture manufacturer
wisanka indonesia furniture, java furniture, java furniture manufacturer, indonesia furniture manufacturer


We start our business as indonesia furniture exporter in 1993 and growing rapidly until now. We declare ourselves as a manufacture and exporter company with legal entity as PT in Indonesia and similar to Public Limited Company (PLC) or an Ltd in the United Kingdom, Ireland or the United States. Aspects of Law and Administration we have had since inception of this companys proofing our seriousness and commitment running this business.

On its development Wisanka enlarge the scope of business into a company group under Wisanka Indonesia which is consist of five divisions covered seven products range wooden furnitureindoor teakrattan and natural fibersclassic furnitureoutdoor furnituresynthetic rattan, decorative lighting and craft. The idea is to be one-stop shop by offer multitude furniture product range to our clients moreover to create the opportunity for the company to sell more products.

We believe skill and depth knowledge of furniture are the main foundation for everyone in this company. By those strength and supported with premium design, we will deliver “value” to our customers. We would like to create wide target market not only limited for wholesaler and retailer but also projects including hotel project, villa project, housing project or event restaurant project unexceptional private house and government office. During our 20 years existence in Indonesia Furniture industry those target market is complete adequately.

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Being the leading role in furniture and craft industry in which combining Indonesian excellence craftsmanship, legal and environmental friendly material through a continuous Research, Design & Development program to win the global hyper competition in furnishing industry.


  1. Maintaining intensive communication along with valuable business partners to increase business acceleration and create a long term mutual business relationship.
  2. Conducting a continuous program of Research, Design & Development program to create a sustainable business concept.
  3. Continuously developing original design products.
  4. Exploring and maximizing the use of renewable and eco-friendly material.
  5. Managing the human resources professionally.
  6. Creating integrated management information system with the development of information and technology 



Establised : 1993
Product Range : Indoor Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Lighting and Craft
Market Established : Worldwide
Type of Business : Manufacturer and Exporter
Production Capacitiy : 50 Containers / Month
Head Office : Jl. Solo-Jogja KM 26 Penggung, 
Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia
Telephone : +62 272 555 777 / +62 272 555 888
Website : www.wisanka.com
Email : info@wisanka.com



We committed to have a continuous market research, design and material exploration, along with production system development to produce eco-friendly product that meets to market needs.


Certainly this is the fact that client or customers interested to do business with the company they can trust. Trust defined is assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of a business. In the term of marketing relationship this is known as “Integrity”. Wisanka has built strong foundation of integrity by doing active communication with clients. Our marketing integrity restricted in the working attitude initial from fast response for all the upcoming inquiries, respectful, helpful, and to be advisor in the same time. All those have been done in honest and responsible. Besides, we are not only working for furniture industry but also furniture projects. Thus, Wisanka will grows and maintained good value in working environment.


All these are related with product quality, on time delivery and competitive price. We have our quality control procedure to make sure the quality of our product. This control system applied since the goods in raw material, cutting, assembling, finishing, accessories, final check, packing and loading process. We believe that the goods have “value” more than that product is talk. How excellence is our service to customers the final decision is in the “product”. If the product quality is acceptable in the market then continues order will follow. Recognize this furniture industry further to tender project these three points are essential.


Wisanka is dynamic company which always eager to develop new items to our customers. We gave header inspiration for our original design furniture we have created. We do hope our new design bring inspiration to all our customers. We have skillful and capable designer in research and developing new product considering many aspect like style, taste, dimension, and color even choosing appropriate material. We may not be able to running this business without any renewal and development. Therefore, we would like to convince our customers about our capability not only for wholesaler and retailer but also for projects especially for hotel project. We very welcome handling your hotel project with our original design. 


Last but not least, caring we define as handling complain to the customers. What we have done since in the beginning keep a good communication with customers, guard the quality control system and make sure that our customers received the order smoothly are a part of our attempt to minimize complaint. However, there are things that out of our prediction come up. Here we must be a problem solver.

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