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All news about Indonesian furniture Event. Always update your furniture information every month based on trendy furniture events and furniture styles, and all furniture events followed by Wisanka to become an Indonesian furniture Manufacturer that supplies both furniture for projects or wholesale furniture. Almost all of the furniture exhibition events were attended by Wisanka, both furniture exhibitions in Asia and around the world, Wisanka became one of the largest Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia which always gets awards from every furniture exhibition event.

Decorate Your Home in British Style Furniture

Interior British Style Furniture In Living Room

British Style Furniture | Indonesia Colonial Furniture   The subtle design and good looks of British country style furniture is the ideal option if you want to bring out an antique feel for your home. Lots of homeowners wish a classy and simple design which speaks by elegance rather than decoration. You can select a […]

Waste Wood Furniture for Home and Hotel

Waste Wood Furniture Dining Set, Reclaimed Teak Furniture, Recycle Furniture

Waste Wood Furniture for Home and Hotel The reclaimed or waste wood furniture has been environmentally popular along with the reduce, reuse, and recycle wood furniture. But the waste wood furniture from WISANKA is not just about upholding the shabby-chic style. Folks are fond of the design of the reclaimed furniture. Therefore, they want to […]

Many Reasons to Customize Your Outdoor Furniture for Your Hotel

Outdoor Furniture Dining Set

Want to renew your outdoor furniture? Many businesses in the hospitality industry like hotels, restaurants and resorts spend a lot of effort when furnishing their gardens and patios. And they are not wrong. Getting new outdoor furniture should be well thought of as they represent the business in many ways. Therefore, when you decide to […]

Why You Should Purchase Indonesian Teak Furniture

Teak wood living furniture Indonesia

Why You Should Purchase Indonesian Teak Furniture Teak wood is the most adorable wooden materials both for indoor or outdoor furniture. However due to its features, teak wood seems to be well-known as the most eligible wooden material for outdoor furniture. Teak wood performs high resistance to humidity, sunlight exposure, rot, insects, splintering, and can […]

Facts About Solid Mahogany Furniture

solid mahogany furniture, solid mahogany cabinet, madisson cabinet, indoor mahogany cabinet

The Origin of Mahogany Wood Originally from America and Africa, mahogany wood serves as one of the most beautiful raw materials in the world for beautiful furniture, Solid Mahogany Furniture. The width of the board distinguishes mahogany from other woods, and has been widely used in a variety of classic and colonial style furniture. With […]

Indonesia Reclaimed Furniture | Jepara Reclaimed Furniture

Indonesia Reclaimed Furniture, Jepara Reclaimed Furniture

Indonesia Reclaimed Furniture | Jepara Reclaimed Furniture We are an eco-friendly Indonesian furniture manufacturer that also able to produce of both indoor and outdoor furniture using recycled teak, teak root, reclaimed teak wood and pine wood or reclaimed teak and pine wood from the city of Jepara, the heart of Indonesian Furniture Industry. is […]

A Variety of Furniture That Wisanka Can Produce

Wisanka Furniture Set

There are many Terrace Furniture, Sunbed Furniture, Lounger Furniture, Dining Garden Furniture and Others Outdoor Furniture’s you can order in our website There are dozens of outdoor furniture that you can select form when buying for outside furnishing to make terrace or garden looking beautiful and pleasant. Most people opt this kind of outdoor furniture […]

The Twilight Classic Luxurious Bed by Wisanka is the perfect addition to any bed…

The Twilight Classic Luxurious Bed by Wisanka is the perfect addition to any bed...

The Twilight Classic Luxurious Bed by Wisanka is the perfect addition to any bedroom. Inspiring and luxurious, this bed frame is sure to make all your friend and family envious of your taste in bedroom decor. Classic design with popular crown carved, this beautiful bed features ivory white padded headboard and foot board with French […]

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