Wisanka Has Participated in Environmental Ecological Conservation

Environmental Ecological Conservation | Our world moves forward with the progress of human civilization, modernization, technological progress, etc. But the rough reality is that we are still at least a hundred years away from creating a planet that understands and encourages environmentally friendly living methods. We don’t know anything about using raw energy sources and carrying out chemical processes that have the power to erase our entire civilization. In terms of technological development, we are still in our childhood.

What the world needs today is ecological development. Ecological development means the overall progress of the community to develop an environment in which progress is made keeping in mind the community, economy and nature because all three must depend on each other. Unfortunately ecological development has been neglected for a long time and the consequences can be felt in the form of ‘global warming’ which gradually spreads to the entire planet. ‘Global warming’ is also the result of deforestation, burning fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide so much that even if we stop burning them now, harmful gases will be present in the atmosphere for several years. This increase in global temperatures will result in melting glaciers, permafrost, sea ice, sea level rise that causes flooding that can sweep many regions of the earth, drastic changes in temperature that affect agriculture, forest extinction and many species.

Wisanka has participated in environmental conservation by planting 650 thousand teak trees in 2001. These activities did not stop there, and are always carried out continuously in order to preserve the preservation of teak forests at this time to become the main capital in the business trip of Lanka. Wisanka furniture production not only focuses on making furniture with quality wood but also on the utilization of wood waste from roots, twigs and other wood waste. So biodiversity is maintained for future lives.