More than two decades experience in furniture business makes WISANKA a leading furniture manufacturer with qualified people inside. We create a good team work through all WISANKA members. All people who dedicated their creativity, passion with high responsibility in WISANKA are good integrity person.

With planned program each year, we create new strategy in business. It makes us one step ahead and ready for unforthcoming new challenge. We share all moment in our team.

HAPPY is a word that identically for our team members.

Having big team, we realized that work and worship mush follow each other, to support all people with different religion inside, morning praying time was created for all members. We can be growth up our faith without any discrimination.

Creating leadership and our team work, we have outbound program in each division line. This program was settled to give all members opportunities in developing skills as we know that the best way is learning by doing.

More we have Wisanka Great Meeting, an occasion that accommodates creativity, idea from all members. We are freely to express our feeling on performance, ended with strong will we have and to gain a brand new start for the following years.

It makes Wisanka Indonesia different with others as we are not only a company but also we are a family indeed.



Highly well experienced team who have full support to our customer needs. Team who has main goal
to deliver best services-fast responsely, with a commitment to develop strong ties for both WISANKA
and our valuable customer.

They are our MARKETING ! Wisanka Vanguard.
Well-product knowledge and good analyzer worldwide market place of furniture demand.



Integrity people who always think about you, think about design that will work and worthwhile for you.
People who ceaselessly develop designs and carry out a lot of research to present the best designs,
and bring it up to your house, showroom, or your project.

Yes ! We proudly present you a professional team of our in-house DESIGNER.

We are presenting to the world Our Original Designs:
from indoor to outdoor , from wooden to rattan -from fiber to metal – from natural to synthetic.