Indonesia Reclaimed Furniture | Jepara Reclaimed Furniture

Indonesia Reclaimed Furniture | Jepara Reclaimed Furniture

We are an eco-friendly Indonesian furniture manufacturer that also able to produce of both indoor and outdoor furniture using recycled teak, teak root, reclaimed teak wood and pine wood or reclaimed teak and pine wood from the city of Jepara, the heart of Indonesian Furniture Industry. is Reliable Indonesia furniture manufacturer and one best growing reclaimed furniture company with factory set in the Central Java. Our company is led by a skilled, youthfull team management that will bring the best services to our customers.

We export jepara reclaimed furniture around the world and mainly to Europe and several east asia countries competitive markets, reaching wholesalers and retailers in the furniture business that meet with us in the Indonesia International Furniture Expo we exhibit every year.

We offer many product collections, that fine handcrafted by skillfull Indonesian carpenters in traditional, modern and contemporary styles , which are made from Reclaimed Pine Wood, Reclaimed Teak Wood and Reclaimed Teak from Boat Wood. Our product ranges are from dining table, sideboard, vitrine, tv lowboard, coffee table and many more and made from recycled pine wood or recycled teakwood.

Our goals is to make furniture that is environmentally friendly use and recycled materials wherever possible with the environmental concern in mind that is why our company are SVLK certified. Here is an example of several categories of reclaimed furniture that we produce:


Indonesia Reclaimed Furniture | Jepara Reclaimed Furniture

As a “green minded” furniture manufacturer, our main vision is to optimize the usage of quality reclaimed lumber resources available in our region as our product main material. We also care in wood waste recycling which comes from wooden furniture production process. In addition we using metal material which will help us to reduce wood usage which is also mean will reduce wood logging. When people see waste, we see potential of quality and artistic aspect on it which will be great as substitution against new cut of wood materials. With our experience over 2 decades in furniture business, we have big success in turn many waste material to a quality furniture for people and export them in bulk amount to many country in the world.

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