A Variety of Furniture That Wisanka Can Produce

There are many Terrace Furniture, Sunbed Furniture, Lounger Furniture, Dining Garden Furniture and Others Outdoor Furniture’s you can order in our website

There are dozens of outdoor furniture that you can select form when buying for outside furnishing to make terrace or garden looking beautiful and pleasant. Most people opt this kind of outdoor furniture because of amazing qualities in oak, mahogany and teak. Teak wood are primarily choice of most furniture developers. Teak wood is a type of dense, solid wood that is known for its gorgeous beauty and durability. Top and reputable furniture makers like Wisanka can make outstanding pieces with this kind wood that will last for a long term of time. Because of its natural oil which serves as a preservative, this wood can withstand any kind of weather situation and it’s free from rust, swelling, and corrosion. Here are few of the many different kinds of wisanka outdoor furniture that you can improve the beauty of your outer area.

Terrace Furniture Set :

Having an informal and light meal by the terrace is indeed a fine time for relaxation. In fact most office or homeowners will tell you that hosting meetings and light get together parties between family and friends are ideal in a terrace setting. With your terrace furniture set, you can set-up a nice and amazing informal setting for your family and friends to enjoy.

Espana Terrace Furniture Set


Outdoor Benches:

An outdoor bench makes it ideal for your family and friends to relax in. whether you select an area it at the side by the flower blooms or in the center where you can enjoy nature at its beast. Wisanka outdoor benches are remarkable whenever you wish to be barefoot and relaxed while enjoying a quite time outside.

Oval Outdoor Benches Wisanka


Lounger Furniture Set:

A lot of people prefer having outdoor lounger furniture set because of its classical look. Some prefer a modern look with colored cushions and nice soft material on it. It is a great way of inviting friends and family to sit and lie on sunbed furniture and lounge before and after each meal. In fact, the good looking of the wood makes this an elegant addition in the lounge area of your house.

Brandy Sun Lounger Furniture Set Wisanka


Loungers and Recliners:

This outdoor furniture is never complete without the various kinds of loungers and recliners for to select from. Whether you plan to put it in garden or simply by beside your pool, this furniture pieces is remarkably comfortable for you to relax and enjoy a relaxing drink and good book. A few people like those set come with 5 thick cushions while other opt it wooden and natural.  Because of their ability to withstand any kind of weather situation, several homeowners opt the teak wood pieces because of the beauty it adds to the garden and patio areas. Even if you select one that has no cushion, despite the heat of the sun, lounger and recliners made teak wood is remain comfortable to sit on.

Wisanka outdoor furniture, their mission is to sell the top quality outdoor furniture at the lowest cost. They manage this by designing and importing out own line of outdoor teak wood pieces. Instead of purchasing market product having own design enables us to manage each detail to make sure the extreme possible quality. Style, Comfort, and durability are 3 cornerstones of all they produce.

Lounger Wisanka


Selecting and Caring for Outdoor Wood Furniture:

Why should you apply outdoors wood furniture? For a few people this is not even a question! The correct question would be, why would not you apply outdoors wood furniture? There’s a huge materials that are made to be applied outdoors, including, wicker, rattan, plastic and other synthetic material. With whole of the other choices for outdoor pieces, the reasons of why one should apply wood should be carefully examined before you purchase furniture for your outer needs.

Wood is meant to be outside, trees grow in the extreme outdoors, so it makes sense that furniture built from trees should be kept subside. It is no wonder that wood items, when cared and treated for rightly, can be last outdoors for decades. The kind of wood you select of will determine only how well the wood over time.

Though woods do weather over time, you can secure your outdoor furniture by carefully taking care of it each season. Paint and stain are good ways of protecting your wood items from sun because they add an extra layer of defense to the furniture. Water repellent stains are also vital to add to your outdoor pieces to secure it from water damage that causes the wood to rack and rot. When applying either stain or paint, you need to have a durable blend so that it dries rapid and completely, and doesn’t rub off on people sitting down on the outdoor pieces.

One more way to safe your wood and make it last for decade to come is to purchase extreme kind of wood. Treated wood is such choice, as it is resistant to rotting from elements. But one of the issues with treated timber is that it often comes green, and can more simply wrap than usual wood. Teak furniture is a famous option for outdoor furniture. Teak wood is a remarkable dense hard wood is often praised for its sturdiness. Often grow up in Indonesia, teak wood is extremely resistant to attacks by insects because of high oil material makes it water-repellent.

Oak is a dense wood with extremely dine grain. It is a naturally light and sometimes has a pinkish color tint. The tannic acid oak makes it perfect for use in outdoor furniture because it is naturally resistant to attacks insects and fungi. A final way to secure your outdoor furniture and maintain it for last long is to simply put a roof over it. Weather it is an awning on your deck, a covered roof for your sunroom or your garage during the winter, a roof can go a long way to assist you keep the rain, sun, and wind off of your furniture and protect it for decades.