Facts About Solid Mahogany Furniture

The Origin of Mahogany Wood

Originally from America and Africa, mahogany wood serves as one of the most beautiful raw materials in the world for beautiful furniture, Solid Mahogany Furniture. The width of the board distinguishes mahogany from other woods, and has been widely used in a variety of classic and colonial style furniture. With a history full of competition that goes back to the mid 1800s, valuable wood colors, fibers and textures even provide the simplest luxury look on solid mahogany furniture.

The advantages of mahogany solid wood for furniture

After many of its advantages were discovered, solid mahogany furniture became very famous in the 18th century and at that time Europe and Colonial North America competed to harvest this wood in the West Indies. This wood is a material for shipbuilding, cabinets and some other good furniture. Until finally it became common use for household furniture so at that time the dining room furniture set was commonly referred to as “mahogany.” However, by the end of this century, the supply of solid mahogany stock was decreasing while demand was rising high. Traders and loggers rushed to buy the remaining unused forest, and many countries struggled to control this expensive wood. Starting from this is why mahogany wood got a good reputation at that time.

Solid Mahogany Wood For Indonesia Furniture Indoor

The Type of Mahogany Wood in The World

So what makes this wood worth fighting for ? Mahogany Solid Wood is present and has a unique shades of reddish-brown and pale pink. It is very suitable to be formed into carvings and adds beauty with good durability. There are two types of solid mahogany furniture that are good, namely Africa and America. African Mahogany wood is the most commonly used because it is the cheapest compared to America and is easy to get. Its texture is moderate to coarse and is considered quite durable. American Mahogany is considered one of the most valuable trees in the United States and is most popularly used for cabinets and dining room furniture. There are various grain patterns, and the texture of this wood is fine to rough, this is considered durable.

The ownership of Solid Mahogany Furniture in the 1800s was a lucrative investment and this has not changed. Antiques made from mahogany have high value, and knowing the history of wood will help us understand the reason. Many antiques made of mahogany including beautiful carvings. At present, mahogany is considered endangered, and therefore the harvest is strictly regulated. The most popular use is for the cabinet.

Caring for the Beauty of Solid Mahogany Furniture

One set of good solid mahogany furniture is a valuable asset. The best way to care for your mahogany furniture is to finish it. This will not only enhance the natural beauty of wood but will also provide protection for years to come. If the coating on your furniture becomes damaged, contact an antique or furniture repair shop for evaluation; they can often repair the damage that has been done. To maintain the brilliant color of your mahogany furniture, avoid placing it in direct sunlight, because UV light can cause harmful wear on wood.


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