Changes in Furniture Style in Indonesia From Past to Now

Furniture Style in Indonesia From Past to NowThe changing of times certainly also influences all aspects of life, including the architectural and interior design of the residential style. In Indonesia, modern-style buildings began to emerge after independence in 1945. Art Deco style in houses and buildings with high doors and windows, many people began to leave and move to classic Indonesian-style furniture.

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Indonesia Furniture Style 1940, Changes in Furniture Style in Indonesia From Past to Now

Indonesian classic furniture is usually dominated by thick ethnic nuances with floral motifs or natural elements using wood and the use of typical Indonesian materials such as rattan. In the 1960s to the 1970s, the most popular furniture models were the dung model with the characteristic of tapered and tilted legs and the sloping shape of the chairs. The jengki style taken from the word yankee is said to have been instigated directly by Bung Karno to rival the colonial architectural style.

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New modern buildings flourish with Indonesia’s rapid economic growth in the 1970s and 1980s, where development is being intensively carried out in various sectors such as the construction of low-cost housing, skyscrapers, shopping centers, airports, and others. Even though classic and mediterranean furniture are still popular, people are starting to dare to play with lighter colors and the shape of furniture is starting to follow the trend of retro style. 

Famous furniture at that time was a folding folding chair with rubber cushions, or a peacock chair plus a matching side table that is usually placed on the terrace. The architecture of the building is also made simpler, for example a flat roof, wide square windows, and the rise of the use of ceramics or terrazzo instead of tiles.

Indonesia Furniture Style 1980

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By the 1990s, minimalist home style began to be known in Indonesia, inspired by the minimalist furniture concept that had already been popularized by America and Europe. Many young architects and foreign architects are taking over the design of buildings in big cities, so that global influence is more felt, including the matter of furniture selection.

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As the popularity of minimalist style trends and the increasingly dynamic life of people in urban areas, the demand for minimalist furniture continues to increase to rival the Mediterranean and classic style furniture which is now considered ‘heavy’ and old-fashioned. Minimalist furniture is favored partly because of its practicality, simple design, modern aesthetic impression, savings in raw materials, as well as more neutral and brighter colors.

Indonesia Furniture Style 1990
Indonesia Furniture Style Minimalist

Furniture Style in Indonesia From Past to Now

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