Creative and Aesthetic Decorative Lighting Ideas for Interior Design

Creative and Aesthetic Decorative Lighting Ideas for Interior Design

Decorative lighting is a light fixture that has aesthetic value beside the functional and technical value. The main purpose of putting decorative lighting and craft is to enhance the interior design of a room while making sure it is well lit. It covers all the traditional lighting, from floor light to chandelier. Aside from boosting the artistic value of a room, decorative lighting is also useful for building ambiance. It can provide the general illumination for the whole area or focus on a specific area to provide certain lighting for a specific purpose. Nowadays, there many types of decorative lighting and each have a specific purpose. They can be simply hardwired or plugged into an outlet, while the more sophisticated design has it run on batteries and even solar power.

Basically, there are three types of lighting that should work together in a home, ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting serves as the primary source of lighting in a room. It usually glows comfortable level of brightness and illuminates the area properly to support general activity. The ambient lighting is also a fundamental of a good lighting decoration of interior design. The task lighting is used for a specific task that needs brighter or softer light, such as reading, sleeping, playing a game, and cooking. Ideally, the task lighting should be bright enough to avoid eye strain and free of distracting glare.The accent lighting is mainly used to create more drama and visual interest. It usually builds to highlight a decoration, painting, trophy or any other point of interest in interior design. Good accent lighting will arrange the lights surrounding a brighter focal point to draw.

The decorative lighting and craft

Decorative Lighting Table Lamp
Decorative Lighting Table Lamp

can be used as any type of lighting above. It can be a grand chandelier that is functioned as ambient lighting in a luxury living room or a nice rattan craft wall lamp to highlight a room decoration and interior design. A good interior designer will elaborate the theme of a room up to the decorative lighting plan to create an effect. For example, a modern minimalist living room can use a chic pendant combined with some artistic metal floor lamp set and a warm and comfortable dining room can use a neat track lighting with several brighter recessed lighting as a task lamp above the pantry table. That is why an exact selection and combination of decorative lighting is very important in interior design.

If you love to have a creative decorative lighting and craft in your interior design and willing to make the best choice, here are some interesting ideas to enlighten your house.

Decorative Floor lamp

The floor lamp usually a portable lighting fixture that is used as accent lighting or/and room decoration. It can be a single lamp or one lovely set of several lighting in different size and made of any kind of materials including woods, metal work, rattan, wicker basket, etc. The latest trend of floor lamp is including an exotic elliptical wicker basket with a natural finish, a set of a bamboo cage or a beautiful sphere of a lamp with soft lighting. As a room decoration, you can opt for more unique and artistic design from rattan craftwork or fusion planter and lamp that glows nicely at the bottom.

You can utilize floor lamp on a wide and spacious room since the dramatic and glowing effect will not work very well in a small and crowded room.

Decorative Hanging lamp

Most of the ambient lamp use hanging lamps as the main source of light in a room, since it will radiate the light from above to the entire area. However, many lighting plans combine a soft hanging lamp with several task lamp to provide several functions. A soft and lovely decorative hanging lamp can serve as a centerpiece of a room while giving a comfortable feeling. Thus, for a specific activity such as reading or watching television, a brighter task lamp will act as a primary source of light. There are many kinds of hanging lamp, such as chandeliers, ceiling-mounted fixtures, rail lighting, track lamps, and pendants. Use a pendant lamp from a seashell or sphere rattan frame if you look for lovely cottage house ambiance. For a more modern look, a metal frame ceiling-mounted lamp or an intricate rail lamp can serve your purpose pretty well.

Decorative Outdoor lamp

The outdoor lamp is actually almost similar to floor lamps since usually there is no place to hang or mount a lamp outside. Using the outdoor lamp as a decorative lighting and craft in your interior design can be a fresh and innovative idea. Especially for those who cares to have house plants or a mini garden inside your house. A cute mushroom lamp set or a sphere lamp with wood bark lamination can be a nice key point of your room decoration. Meanwhile, a sophisticated lamp column with flower pattern airbrush can give an artistic modern look in your house.

Decorative Wall lamp

The wall lamp can perform well as an accent lamp and a task lamp. Depending on their function, you can elaborate it as a nice decorative lighting and craft ornament. For a task lamp, a wall-mounted lamp with fabric shade usually use around vanity desk and working table, as for accent lamp, it usually fixed on a long corridor and stairs. Pick an ornamental design with some traditional patterns if you want to use it as a wall decoration as well. If you prefer to go with practical value, a simple cylinder or sphere glass shade will do the trick.

Decorative Table lamp

Actually, the table lamp now is not the only function as task lamp whenever you work in your office or study table. A creative and aesthetic table lamp can be a good room decoration and important accent of an interior. Elaborate some natural feel to your table lamp with tree bark or wooden craft to create a serene and customary theme. A sphere table lamp can also be a lovely option in your interior design. Put those artistic table lamps on your working table, night stand, display cabinet, or living room table to add the aesthetic value of your house.