Best Furniture Design Trends This Year 2020

” The latest furniture design is predicted to celebrate more the shape, comfort, and glamorous colors. Furniture Design Trends 2020

Furniture Design Trends 2020

This year will be a new era full of celebration in interior design, especially concerning furniture design. From a more rounded shape, a more calming model, to types of material that may have never been used before. All are designed for one purpose; make the atmosphere of the house feel more functional, comfortable and pleasant.

Here are the furniture designs that have caught on this year:

1. Classical Furniture

Harriet Classic Living Set

Curved furniture makes a big comeback. At first glance it looks like a classic furniture model but with a little update. Living room furniture with many indentation models is intended to help provide creative imagination, maximize the ability to relax and connect with the atmosphere of a modern and contemporary space.

2. Minimalist Furniture

Minimalist Furniture Trend 2020
Furniture Design Trends 2020

Minimalist design was soon replaced by what was referred to as nu-minimalism or “global nomadism”. Some designers say that this new developing trend has a big impact on colors and materials. Leather, fur, wood, with earthy colors and attractive textures. Also with some models that are deliberately designed in a soft monochromatic color scheme.

3. Vintage Glamor Furniture

Glamour Vintage Furniture Trend 2020
Furniture Design Trends 2020

Most of you may be familiar with the model and glamorous appearance that tends to glossy, it is common. And what is unusual this year? He is a furniture model that will prioritize the concept of vintage glamor.

Glamor still means an appearance with many gem tones, luxurious velvet type fabrics, thick carpets, tufted and quilted patterns, and also shiny metal. And today, the glamor is delivered with a softer vintage charm.

Smooth, but interesting, and very exciting. The shape and appearance of the “old world” with colors that are very rich and warm, and luxury that feels like it has passed. Everything is delivered in a personalized way, so it looks more contemporary.

4. Furniture with Neutral Color Tone

Furniture With Neutral Color Trend 2020
Furniture Design Trends 2020

The famous “gray is the black” trend is still predicted to be increasingly popular this year. Neutral colors will remain trendy for some time to come. However, there will be some new tweaks to come.

The darker the color, the more momentum will get. This “almost black” color tone is used for large effects as a small accent color in addition to the use of many white and or beige colors; creating a monochromatic look that is strong, but in a calmer and gentler way.

5. Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture Trend 2020
More than ever, the concept of interior design this time began to move away from commercialism and the desire to live in a luxurious environment like in a hotel. There is a much stronger push towards customization. Furniture needs are now expected to have an aesthetic form and image that can help tell a story.

6. Transterior Furniture

Transterior Furniture Trend 2020

Being green does not only belong to environmental trends, but is also a popular interior design trend.

Shades of green, almost always a favorite idea in the house. This is also reinforced by the addition of more indoor plants into the room. Trends in “exterior” will be increasingly popular and make a kind of “statement” in every room in homes today