Indonesian Minister for SME Visit to Wisanka Furniture

Indonesian Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperatives

The visit of the Minister of Cooperatives for Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia, Drs. H. Teten Masduki was accompanied by the Regent of Klaten, Hj. Sri Mulyani at PT. Wirasindo Santakarya (Wisanka) Ceper, Klaten, Monday (2/3/2020). This visit was in order to get to know the system pattern of the partnership industry based on RD & D and its existence working on the export and domestic markets that were being carried out by the Indonesian Government. With this the national furniture is ready to host in their own country.

Indonesian Minister For SME Visit To Wisanka Furniture

During the visit, the Chairman of Wisanka Furniture told the Minister of SMEs, Tenten Masduki, that the furniture or furniture industry at PT Wisanka was ready to collaborate with the direction of the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, to donate foreign exchange and reduce the country’s foreign exchange. As well as being ready to advance & develop local potential and continue to encourage people to love domestic products. It is hoped that this visit from the Indonesian Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperatives can be a concrete step for the Indonesian government to advance domestic businesses.

In terms of the quality of PT Wisanka’s production, there is no doubt

This international class furniture company, its production has spread to various friendly countries. The Indonesian Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperatives, Drs. H. Teten Masduki added that with many industries in Indonesia, the Indonesian Government is trying to push to export existing products. The export potential that has high demand is home decor, one of which is furniture. Furniture / furniture production centers are commonly found in Central Java, therefore the Government of Indonesia, especially the Ministry of SME Cooperatives, challenges businesses to export their products. And invites synergy with the government to achieve marketing targets set by the government. So the government conveyed to all business actors to improve the quality and quantity of their products so that the products are eligible to compete with foreign products.Indonesian Minister For SME Drs. H. Teten Masduki Visit To Wisanka Furniture

In addition, there are a number of business operators who claim that their products are indeed suitable for export, but with limited tools and human resources, the workmanship of these products is slightly hampered. So with the limitations of business operators on the equipment they use, the government has issued a restructuring program. The restructuring program is a program created by the government to ease the price of new machines to be purchased by business actors.