Types of Teak Trees in Indonesia

Types of Teak Tree Wood in Indonesia

Unlike what people suspect, there are various types of teak trees. Get to know the types of teak trees, especially if you are interested in buying them. Teak tree, who doesn’t know one of the most expensive woods in the world? Maybe we only know one teak tree, which is a conventional teak tree. But actually teak trees have a very diverse variant. Each of these teak trees has its own advantages and uniqueness.

Types of teak trees in Indonesia, below are some types of teak trees in Indonesia :

1. Teak Gold Plus

Golden teak, one of the types of teak trees in Indonesia. The golden teak tree plus has a strong and sturdy texture, similar to conventional teak. But the quality can only be obtained if treated regularly such as fertilizing at the beginning of planting, cleaning weeds around the plant, and picking old leaves. Another advantage of this variety is its high adaptability. Golden Teak trees can not only be planted in the lowlands, but also in the highlands.

2. Jumbo Teak
Jumbo teak is better known as Solomon Teak because it was developed in the Solomon Islands. Solomon himself is a country east of Papua New Guinea. The following are the characteristics of the jumbo teak tree:

The leaves are not too wide, but thick and strong. Grow straight up. The pair of leaves is harmonious, bluish green. Stems are perpendicular, big round, disease resistant, grow very fast, relatively few branches, strong stem shoots, rarely broken by storms or pests, so plants can grow perfectly.

3. Teak Perhutani 

In 1976, Perhutani began selecting 600 superior teak throughout Indonesia. Twelve years later, teak plus Perhutani was born with various advantages such as growing faster, disease resistant and adaptive in the highlands and low. That includes critical land that is not nutritious, said Harsono from the Center for Forest Resource Development, Cepu, Central Java. Wood texture similar to conventional teak although classified as strength class III.

4. Super Teak Gama

Super gama comes from the best teak in Cepu, Central Java, Indonesia. Reddish green leaf color. How to grow and care is similar to other early maturing teak. According to Ir Franky from Gama Surya Lestari, producer of super gama seeds, plant height after 3 months of seedling 70cm. Its growth reaches 20cm/month. When he was 1 year old he was 8m tall.

5. Main Teak

Unlike other early maturing teak, the main teak is taken from the best clones from Muna, Southeast Sulawesi. Because it is tested with the climate and environment outside Java, the variety is more suitable if planted outside Java. The planting area is prioritized at an altitude of less than 700 m above sea level. How to grow and care is similar to other teak.


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