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Types of Teak Trees in Indonesia

Types of Teak Wood Indonesia Indonesia Teak Wood Indonesia Teak Furniture

Types of Teak Tree Wood in Indonesia Unlike what people suspect, there are various types of teak trees. Get to know the types of teak trees, especially if you are interested in buying them. Teak tree, who doesn’t know one of the most expensive woods in the world? Maybe we only know one teak tree, […]

Indonesia solid teak furniture factory

Indonesia solid teak wood furniture is owned and operated by Piguno Indonesia. Piguno Indonesia is an Indonesia furniture exporter and manufacturer established in 1993. Our teak furniture are solid tea woodk furniture, laminated teak furniture, indoor teak furniture, garden teak furniture, outdoor teak furniture, teak root furniture, teak branch furniture, reclaimed teak furniture, teak java furniture, teak […]