All About Kids Furniture

Decorating your kids room can be challenge and fun for you. You will know a lot of style theme and designs. When it come to the durable and sturdy furniture for your kids, you can choose rattan furniture for your kids. Since the fancy furniture are high in prices, rattan furniture can come as the best alternative for budget middle low. Rattan Kids furniture one of the most popular furniture, that many people use them for indoor use only. You can offered from many manufacturers all around your country, or even all around world, Rattan furniture by Wisanka, a leading exporter and manufacturer of rattan furniture.


Furniture which much be placed in your kids room, like rattan bed, rattan bassinet, rattan chair, small wooden table, rattan sofa, and maybe rattan rocker chair with animal shape design to accompany your kids when they have time to play. Rattan furniture has natural ambience which can suitable in home or other properties with the tropical theme. But it doesn’t limit the possibility that you can use it for modern theme.


Variety of kids furniture


There is no reason to ignore the aesthetic values of rattan furniture. Rattan Kids Furniture really know your kids room needs and offer best collection from various design, size, style of rattan furniture. Rattan Baby bassinet is from Rattan furniture by Indonesian Rattan is modern and nostalgic at once. The beauty of rattan bassinet will add the perfect vintage charm to your nursery. Rattan Kids Chair, with rattan and natural materials kids interior at the moment, our rattan kids chair in many optional soft color will look great in your kids bedroom. With additional cushions will add extra seat comfort.

Kids Furniture


Kids Rattan rocker, handmade by Indonesian artisan, the rocking animal is the perfect gift for your kids to treasure. This rocker chair can hold a toddler, however we recommend not exceeding 40 kg. Your kids will absolutely love pushing around their favourite dolls and toys in the Rattan Doll Pram. This classically designed pram for dolls makes a lovely addition to any child’s toy collection and can easily be handed down. As well as being fun to play with, the pram is also beautiful and makes an excellent decorative room feature due to its chic and stylish.


Rattan material for Kids Furniture

Rattan Kids furniture is made from high quality material which carefully chosen by the experts. The manufacturing process by the craftsmen used the traditional hand tools. You can also customize the rattan furniture design into anything that your kids and you will like. Rattan furniture from Indonesian Rattan comes with flexibility to fit with any design and size.


Decorating space for kids in home can be challenging, not only providing furniture needs for our kids. But we have to provide the right furniture for them. Our kids need to have comfortable and sitting well, and enjoy their time to relax.  We also mentioned that rattan furniture is lightweight. That means you can move kids furniture from and to anywhere you want.


If we have furniture, we also think about maintenance. But you don’t need to busy and hectic to schedule, because complex treatment for rattan furniture is impossible. Actually, that you need to consider is that rattan furniture requires low maintenance.  You can just dust the pieces with brush and they look better again. When the dirt attack, you can just wipe the surface with mix of lukewarm water and mild detergent.