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Rattan Doll Pram Wholesale Supplier Manufacturer

On this occasion Wisanka Indonesia Furniture will inform you about a children’s furniture product that is being sought or is in demand for export from Indonesia. Rattan Doll Pram products made of rattan are being sought because of the trends in Europe and America, these products can be made according to the custom design desired by the buyer.

Rattan Doll Pram Jess
Rattan Doll Pram Jess

Your kids will absolutely love pushing around their favourite dolls and toys in the Rattan Doll Pram. This classically designed pram for dolls makes a lovely addition to any child’s toy collection and can easily be handed down. As well as being fun to play with, the pram is also beautiful and makes an excellent decorative room feature due to its chic and stylish. Created by Indonesia Rattan, this charming rattan doll pram has been carefully handcrafted using natural rattan and the wheels made from solid wood.

Rattan is a special forest product of Indonesia as it has a long history of cultivation in this country. Rattan might not be familiar to be used in kids furniture even in common furniture available in general furniture store. The furniture built from the rattan tree should be through hand processing which means that you can actually find rattan furniture in any form including the baby bassinet. Rattan kids furniture provide antique and innovative look which can blend well with your adult home decorating.