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Creative and Aesthetic Decorative Lighting Ideas for Interior Design

creative decorative lighting interior design

Creative and Aesthetic Decorative Lighting Ideas for Interior Design Decorative lighting is a light fixture that has aesthetic value beside the functional and technical value. The main purpose of putting decorative lighting and craft is to enhance the interior design of a room while making sure it is well lit. It covers all the traditional […]

Java Furniture Manufacturer Directory

java furniture directory, java furniture, java style furniture, indonesia java furniture

Java Furniture Style Wisanka Indonesia also referred to as java furniture or java furniture style is directory of furniture product from Indonesia. Find here competent reference of Java furniture, teak wood furniture, Java antique furniture. Wisanka Indonesia is perfect choice for high quality of java classic furniture style with 25 years of experience. As one of the leading furniture manufacturer. With experience and high dedication to […]

Rattan Kids Furniture Bassinets

oval rattan kids furniture bassinet

As you have a newborn baby, bassinets are actually the obligated kids furniture for you. A newborn baby should be sleeping in the same room with you. This allows you to have an easier and better nursery which is certainly helpful during those hard times. The bassinets are specially designed to provide comfort and warmth […]

Indoor Teak Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia

Indonesia Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Indoor Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia If you are planning to set up a new living room or conduct the renovation, then it is the right time to think about the best way to design the interior. Setting the furniture arrangements, chances are you want to research to find out some ideas from the internet. If […]

The Concept of Modern Furniture for Home

Modern White and Cream Interior Design of Bedroom

modern furniture for Home | The concept of furniture has evolved remarkably over the years. From the Medieval & Victorian days of huge banquet tables & heavy wooden couches to the more bean bags and chic sofas, furniture has arrived long away. The post World War 2 period saw a wide spread industrial revolution. Many […]

What Makes It Best Indonesian Teak Furniture

Best-Indonesian-Teak Furniture

Indonesian Teak Furniture | If you have heard about teak furniture before, the most often word that you heard from people is probably “long-lasting”, “strong”, or “durable”. Well, these words are not wrong. Not only popular because of its strength, Indonesian teak furniture is aging resistant as well as long lasting. That’s why many people love […]

Find Your Qualified Indonesia Teak Furniture Manufacturer


Indonesia Teak Furniture.  When you heard about the teak furniture, you’ll agree that this is one of the best wooden pieces out there. And you want to add few of these fascinating furniture pieces to your house. Perhaps you are considering to contact the best teak furniture manufacturer to deliver good custom furniture for you. Choosing the […]