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Contract Furniture Manufacturers and Hotels Project Suppliers

Contract Furniture Manufacturers And Hotels Project Suppliers

Contract Furniture Manufacturers Look to leading furnishings manufacturers who specifically manufacture for the hospitality industriousness to supply quality furnishings for your hostel. Whether you’re interested in developing new furnishings designs or buying value- negotiated hostel furnishings, working with good marketable or contract furnishings manufacturers will give you everything that you require to differentiate your property […]

Styled Outdoor Furniture Best For Your Home

Styled Outdoor Furniture

Styled Outdoor Furniture | Every one wants to have an attractive home that attracts guests and others and also to be proud. In order to have an attractive home, you will see for things that will improve the look of your home. Having good furniture will add up to the beauty of your home. Having […]

Indonesia Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Indonesia Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Welcome to the official Wisanka website, namely We are always grateful that since our establishment in 1993 until now we still continue to exist and continue to grow to make a positive contribution to the development of the furniture industry in Indonesia and the world. At this time I want to provide valuable information […]

We Are Proudly Launch Teak Branch Furniture

Indonesia Teak Branch Furniture

Teak Branch Furniture We are delighted to officially announce our newly project : Teak Branch Furniture Classy Comfort Boho Style Furniture on March 4, 2021 On its development & to enlarge the scope of business we do not only produce indoor and outdoor furniture, but also produces Boho style furniture or Bohemian furniture from teak […]

Characteristics of Shabby Chic Interior Furniture Designs

Characteristics Of Shabby Chic Interior Furniture Designs From Wisanka Indoensia

Characteristics of Shabby Chic Interior Furniture Designs Shabby chic design is a design style that describes an atmosphere that has a soft and feminine look. Shabby chic means shabby but elegant, the use of shabby old furniture makes this design style look unique and antique. Combined with the use of soft colors, strengthen the feminine […]

Wisanka on Virtual Event TEI 2020

Wisanka On TEI 2020 Virtual Event (Trade Expo Indonesia 2020))

Wisanka on Virtual Event TEI 2020 Welcome to the 2020 Trade Expo Indonesia with the theme Sustainable Trade in the Digital Age. TEI 2020 will be very different from previous years. The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic have made human mobilization very limited. Face-to-face meetings between sellers and buyers are minimal. This has forced the […]

Trade Expo Indonesia Virtual Exhibition 2020 with 3D Concept

Trade Expo Indonesia 2020 Virtual Exebitions

Trade Expo Indonesia 2020 will have a different concept. Ministry of Trade Launch of the Trade Expo Indonesia Virtual Exhibition (TEI-VE) which will be held on November 10-16 2020, which carries the theme of Sustainable Trade the Digital Era with the concept of displaying 3D images (three dimensions). “With the current situation of the Covid-19 […]

Indoor Furniture Sale | Summer Sale Indoor and Outdoor Furniture 2020

Indoor Furniture Sale

Indoor Furniture Sale | Summer Sale Furniture Wisanka Buying furniture for many needs / projects both indoors and outdoors is difficult. It needs the right calculation and suitable supplier for your budget and plan. In addition, buying when the right time is the key so that you can reduce the cost of your purchasing budget. […]