Willys Wooden Outdoor Living Set

Sitting down on a comfortable seating together with our family spending time in outdoor space together is one of wonderful thing ever. And, it is not only a dream any more. We bring out a new outdoor living set to make it come true.

Named as Willys Living Set, it is such of a sleek but firm outdoor living set. This set is made of durable and affordable material with a great reputation, that is, Indonesia teak wood. The great reputation of teak wood is not only for its durability but also for its wood grain which is fabulous. We keep it looks in natural look with apply smooth sanding finishing to show up its woderful wood grain.

In design, we devotedly make it in modern outdoor furniture design. We bring out clean line with some stright slats in both sofa and table.


Coming out with:

Sofa one seater – 2pc

Sofa two seater – 1pc

Coffee table – 1pc

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