Chanos Javeline Beautiful Bar Set

This Chanos Javeline beautiful bar set, highlighted by its rustic and aged look, is made from recycled fishing boats. Part of our Indonesia Reclaimed Teak Collection, each piece is truly one of a kind made from actual teak boats with the original paint layers still intact. The shelves provide ample storage for all your glassware, stemware, dishes and favorite drinks.
We try to make Chanos Javeline Beautiful Bar Set with a simple yet elegant design, of course with a more competitive Dining Room Set price.
Wisanka also doing some series of hotel project both locally and worldwide, that is why we conclude that in every new hotel built definitely need good furniture. That is why Wisanka Hotel and Resort project exists to supply those market.

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You can buy base on our products listed or you have your own design, it depend on your desire. We can follow your home and rooms designs.

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